Chasing Unicorns


Little Miss Hazel Rose was sick when we did the Halloween Mini Sessions for the kiddos. I didn't want her to miss out, so I had offered to meet up and take some "quick" photos of her in her costume. When I discussed backdrop with Mom, she wanted the backdrop to be woodsy being that Unicorns were mythical and she had suggested local favorite Crab Cove. I didn't know what the costume looked like so I just went with the flow. We scheduled to shoot the pics before Sunset. Little did we know how mythical and magical these photos would turn out. Thank you Ryan, Julian and Hazel for letting me come and play with you.

This is my favorite shot from the whole session. It was hard to choose as there were so many that came close, but this epitomized the entire shoot, the beautiful little girl dressed in a fun costume, enjoying outdoors and soaking in the remaining warmth of the setting sun.

Funny story to tell with this photo. I noticed the specks as I was flipping through the shots. I was so concerned it was my fault that I had to check my lens and sensor in the camera to ensure it wasn't neglect on my part. Despite my quandry on how they materialized, these spots somehow added to the mythical quality of the shot. I eventually figured it out and we can safely blame the bubbles. The camera captured the remnants of the bubble having been popped as Hazel caught the bubbles. I believe the light also helped expose them.

No, this wasn't a learned pose from Tutu School, at least not yet. This was a longish tail that was just attached and the costume wearer trying to figure out how to navigate moving around.

This next set makes me smile. Not because the light that came through but the memory it evokes of what was happening while the photo was captured.

We were losing light in one part of the field and decided to chase some sun. Dad decided to run across the field (with his light saber in his holster), Hazel went chasing after him in full gallop with the full glory of her mane and tail streaming behind her, and I went chasing after them both across the field camera in hand.

I remember thinking how I would've loved to have been a spectator as I would've pulled out my iPhone just to have captured a photo, even better a video, of our antics. As you can see, it paid off. We had a blast to boot.

I love these next 2 photos because it shows her beautiful face and smile, the accidental face paint she had gotten from a Halloween outing earlier that day surrounded by the magical lighting we fell upon. 

These last 4 photos are fun because they show off the back of her costume. I love how the setting sun added to the mythical quality of her costume having the light filter through her mane and tail.

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