An Abundance of Light and Love x2


When Megan reached out to schedule a session  to photograph her newborn twins, I was so honored. This is the second time I am photographing Megan, Toco and little Eve and it warms my heart to see their beautiful family grow and become a party of five.

We made plans to shoot in their home, but this is my first time coming by so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. When she showed me their newly renovated Master Suite, I was excited to see the amount of light that came through the window and slider. I brought my other wider fixed lens as I was worried about fitting everything into the frame of my favorite portrait lens. In the end,  I was able to shoot with my favorite lens.

This was my beautiful morning spent with them.

We kicked off the session with Eve and the babies.

At one point, our toddler was done. So dad took her out to play and I got to spend some time with these two beautiful babes. We had wonderful help and additional hands in Toco's niece who is here to stay and help them for a few months. Having her there helped a lot esp. considering she was familiar with their personalities, needs, routine. We were more productive; Mom would feed a little, and I had help with the other little which freed me up to take photos.

I snuck out during a feeding break and tried to find Eve and Dad. I caught them riding by on their bike, but they were too fast and all I caught was Dad's back.

This next set of photos, I caught mom taking photos of her own. Mom was excited because the twins formed a heart shape. I took a look and attempted some shots with my camera. The focal range was too long and we had to find a step stool for me to step one. It was still a little tight (too close up) so Megan, who's taller, offer to snap some of the shots. After the heart shaped photos were taken, we transitioned to her holding the babies and kissing them. 

Obligatory newborn feet photos. Three different ways.

Eve came back from her outing with her dad and we did  another round of photos with her.

After some time back with Eve and the twins, we could tell we lost the toddler's attention. So we decided to change it up and try and get some solo pics of little Miss Eve. I asked her to show me her room and we spent time playing with her toys and reading books to her babies. Just like the Master Suite, I got some beautiful light in her room. 

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