110K Reflections


Building this website, I was given 110K times to reflect... on my photography, on my style, on my growth, on why I was doing this, and just on life in general.

110K photos you say? Yes, I started this site with 110K in my pocket and its growing exponentially as I book more sessions. Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to peruse all 110K, but I surely plan to go back and pull out the "best of" for my Travel, Sports, and Theater

I'm excited to have an avenue to proudly show off my photos, not that they are pieces of art but because of the moments I happen to have captured. Bragging rights. Its such a thrill to see your photo posted and shared, then shared again and again.

I look forward to adding to this portfolio. I'm excited to try different techniques, different view points. I plan to continue growing and adding to my existing arsenal. May I always surprise and over deliver on expectations.

See you in front of my lens!

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