About - Melissa Neveu Photography

About Melissa

Who Am I?

I’m a Bay Area native and local Alameda mom of 3 who has taken a hiatus from my Tech career to raise my kids and along the way help families capture those precious moments and milestones.

What is my style?

My overall photography style can be described as Candid, Portrait, and/or Documentary. It is characterized and defined by the abundance of light naturally captured. My goal is to capture each of the shots as close to its final state so that post process editing is limited. Because of this, clients receive their session photographs within 24-48 hours of the shoot .

How I got here...

10 yrs old - First camera was a 110mmFavorite Subjects: Pet Dog and Random Landscapes

2 years later - First 35mm Instamatic | Favorite Subjects: Friends

20+ years of film - Purchased first Digital Camera, Canon Elf | Favorite Subjects: Firstborn

Y2K - Mom handed down her SLR | Favorite Subjects: practice shots that became costly with developing

2006 - Purchased first DSLR, Canon Rebel | Favorite Subjects: Daughter, Travel, later added Sports and Theater

2014 - Switched from DSLR to Mirrorless, Olympus | Favorite Subjects: Children, esp running toddlers!

110,000+ digital photo files and a box full of negatives laterHERE I AM!

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